End of an Era | Peace News Retires

I’ve decided to retire Peace News. I started it on November 5, 2012, after serving a 2-month stint in jail for my Victimless Crime Spree. I was living with Adam Kokesh at the time, and I was working as the head writer on a project called “AVTM,” which aimed at being an anarchist version of the Daily Show. As if working around the clock for Adam wasn’t enough, I decided to venture into the world of podcasting myself. My focus: peaceful resistance.

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Star-Studded Peace News Now Series Finale

In this final episode of Peace News, Derrick J interviews some of his favorite peaceful resisters:

Liz Reitzig, Jack Anthony Svicarevich, James Cleaveland, Rich Paul, Ademo Freeman, Michele SevenDale Everett, Ali Havens, Ian Freeman

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If France Had More Guns, Maybe Cartoonist Wouldn’t Be Murdered | Peace News | Jan 8, 2015

Twelve cartoonists at the Parisian offices of the satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo have been killed by a Muslim extremist. Maybe if they had guns to defend themselves, it wouldn’t have been such a massacre. In this episode, I am joined by John Vibes of The Free Thought Project, Dave Ridley of the Ridley Report, and NH State House Rep John Burt (who gave a rousing speech on something called “Rule 63″). Topics include:

Henry David Thoreau Puppet Show

Rumain Brisbon Killed on Doorstep

Cartoonists Murdered

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Living Courageously and Taking the Consequences | Jan 6, 2015

Gay homeless YouTuber Jeff4Justice joins us via his mobile studio. He interviews tons of cool celebrities on his youtube channel and he has the courage to live differently from the status quo. Michele Seven calls in about Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver’s recent visa denial. Pablo Frias, recently arrested, updates Peace News on the state of firearms freedom in the Lonestar State. There’s an exciting Peaceful Resistance happening January 13th in Austin, on the steps of the State Capital, where individuals will be manufacturing firearms with the Ghost Gunner developed by badass Cody Wilson.

Texas Open Carry Group Uses Black Panther Tactics

International News Reports on Texas Open Carry Groups

Open Protest: Texas Rebels Plan to Manufacture Firearms on the Steps of the State Capital

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Arrested for Recording Police | Peace News | 2015-01-01

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Angela Keaton AntiWar.com | PNN 122 | Oct 7, 2014

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Angela Keaton Interview

Director of Operations, 2011


Cody Drummond






US Airstrikes 22 Civilians Kill in Iraqi Market



Cardinal Fans Clash with Ferguson Protesters Outside Busch Stadium



Lois Lerner Triess Barging Into Neighbors Home to Evade Questions



Keene New Hampshire’s Robin Hood Makes Reason.com



Judge Rules on Ferguson Cop’s 5-Second Rule



Boy Records Cops Smashing into Car Windows



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Engines of Domination | PNN 121 | Oct 5, 2014

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Josie the Outlaw | PNN 111 | Aug 26 2014

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Cease-fire in Gaza, but not on Hamas’ terms



When is Menstruation Peaceful Protest? When Femen tweets women Bleeding on ISIS flag



ISIS Demands $6.6M Ransom for 26 Year Old American Woman



A Florida Man Records Himself Being Attacked For Not Rolling Down Window All The Way



Minnesota Gun Club Pays A Gay Couples Wedding After Refusing Service



Miami Police Union Boss Fights Body Cameras Claiming Cops Will Get Killed



High Taxes Make Businesses Leave






Dallas DEA Harrasses Citizen Journalist



Car Insurer Unveils Plans For Pink Zones So Male Drivers Don’t Kill All The Women



Unarmed White Man Shot by Black Cop in Utah, Nobody Cares



London Hip Hop Artist Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary key suspect in Hunt For Killer of American Journalist James Foley



Illinois GOP Sends Armed Thugs to Libertarians’ Homes



Burger King Buying Tim Hortons to Pay Lower Taxes





Pot Soda Is Finally A Thing




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Teen-Run Indy News Channel | PNN #106

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Andrew Demeter’s News Project



Anti-Gays vs Marching Band @ Pride Parade



After Recording, Arrested for Having a Gun



“We Tortured Some Folks”



How does it feel to work for an agency that tortures people?


Terror Watch List Includes 1.5 Million Americans



Funny Answer to Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Ad




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The Art of Urban Survival | PNN #105

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Stefan H Verstappen The Art of Urban Survival: A Family Safety and Self-Defense Manual



Urban Survivalist video



Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Wallet



2nd hour was mostly calls about why Anarcho-capitalism is wrong.