Living Courageously and Taking the Consequences | Jan 6, 2015

Gay homeless YouTuber Jeff4Justice joins us via his mobile studio. He interviews tons of cool celebrities on his youtube channel and he has the courage to live differently from the status quo. Michele Seven calls in about Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver’s recent visa denial. Pablo Frias, recently arrested, updates Peace News on the state of firearms freedom in the Lonestar State. There’s an exciting Peaceful Resistance happening January 13th in Austin, on the steps of the State Capital, where individuals will be manufacturing firearms with the Ghost Gunner developed by badass Cody Wilson.

Texas Open Carry Group Uses Black Panther Tactics

International News Reports on Texas Open Carry Groups

Open Protest: Texas Rebels Plan to Manufacture Firearms on the Steps of the State Capital

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PNN Live #73 Noncompliance is the Path to Liberty

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Chickens Have been Killed Following Chargeless Cockfighting Suspicion


How to Report Police Misconduct


Escambia Board of Liars


FSP Gets Mention in Anti-Freedom Column


What Can Activists Learn from this Break-in?


Classmate Suspended for Taking Away Razer from Cutter


Cops Fired Fatal Shot in Back

PNN Live #14 – Peace in Food & Arts

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