CopBlockers Arrested | PNN 114 | Sept 9, 2014

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Ferguson Cops Arrest Media | CopBlock Radio | Aug 20 2014

Ferguson Riot Police Wound Reporter in Attack on Protesters


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Drug War Claims Innumerable Victims | Fox News Un-Spun

This week, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News talked about, a police accountability website. In their segment, they mocked founder Ademo Freeman for being a “two-time victim of the War on Drugs.” What’s funny about that? Aren’t we all victims of the War on Drugs? Share your thoughts below.

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Ladies of CopBlock Calendar Debacle Documents made Public

Yesterday, I was approached by Alma Sommer via Facebook. She asked if she could use as a platform to blog about a recent dispute within her community. I created her a username and password, and she wrote everything below, without any edits by me. My goal in allowing this to be published on my website is, as I told Alma, to solve this problem without the use of the state. Courtrooms used to be the place to bring all of your facts and info and stories and get it all out in one place. In the 21st century, a blog post can do this better. I hope that in the spirits of peace, truth, and cooperation, this issue can be resolved through investigation of the facts and peaceful dialogue. I never censor or delete comments. To show that I have no bias, I invite any of the Ladies of CopBlock, or anyone who seeks a peaceful resolution to a conflict, to blog about it here on – Derrick J Freeman

The Ladies of CopBlock calendar debacle has been kept secret from the public. It is now time to make public the information within.

Six Ladies withdrew from the calendar before publication for many different reasons. Mostly due to each individuals concerns being disregarded.

Most of the group was documented before it was closed off to some of the Ladies. The threads have been put together for your viewing pleasure.

Also here are a few statements as to why the Ladies opted out.

Kate Ager:

“I chose to disassociate myself from the Ladies of CopBlock calendar project due to a lack of respect regarding major concerns with the final project voiced by myself and other participants.”

Kristen Meghan:

“After the project was delayed, the original intent of the product was lost. When evidence of where funds were could not be produced when asked, adhominem attacks were the only reply we got. This is why I chose to withdraw my involvement; however I continue to support CopBlock and the new Women of CopBlock.”

Toni Bones:

“I regret to inform my friends and supporters than I can no longer consent to involvement in a project I was led to believe was for copblock due to profound differences in principles. I have witnessed very little transparency, accountability or any other values I’ve learned to appreciate through cb. While I can not promise a calendar, I can promise I will not stop until the truth of the funds is made available and our generous donors be made aware of such. I am currently comfortable claiming that I believe Lauryn has committed fraud and gathered these funds on behalf of my friends and I to promote herself.”

Alma Sommer:

“I chose to withdraw from the Ladies of CopBlock calendar due to philosophical differences. My goal is to promote spontaneous order and Agorist principles in all things. Concerns were met with a blatant disregard, instead of transparency, therefore loosing my support of this project. I strongly urge the donors to ask for their money back”

Josie Wales: (Josie the Outlaw)

“My choice to disassociate from this project is due to lack of organization and major concerns voiced by many of those involved left unaddressed. However, I remain a strong supporter of CopBlock and new Women of CopBlock”

Meg McLain

“After months of delays on the Ladies of CopBlock calendar, we were told the final product would be “amazing”.  I think we all assumed a calendar was not that hard to make look good, and after such extreme delays, I was expecting something great. What we were shown as the ‘final product’ was not only hideous, it was filled with spelling and grammatical errors (my name wasn’t even spelled right).  All the girls voiced their concerns, including the fact that the calendar was now so late that a couple of the months were no longer of use. Rather than address the concerns, our comments were met with anger and resentment. We were told it couldn’t change, cause the printers had already been paid a nonrefundable deposit. When I asked about this policy, the story changed to “no deposit, but the printer was prepaid, and we couldn’t get the money back”. Again, I asked about this policy, and the story changed again to “the money is in the bank account of Lauryn’s mother.” Because the story of where the money was kept changing, myself and others thought it would be best to get financial records and/or move the donated funds to a neutral 3rd party. Once again our requests were met with anger and verbal attacks. The general behavior came off as dishonest and angry; and the concerns of the girls regarding changes needed to the calendar were being disregarded and treated with utter contempt. For these reasons, I was no longer comfortable being a part of this project, as it was no longer clear where the money was or what the message of the project was. I hope the money is returned in full to the donors; however, I still have concerns that the money may be partially missing. I would hope that the donors could contact me if they are not refunded in full.”

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168 2nd Annual Peaceful Streets Summit

PNN #168 Show Notes

Peaceful Streets Project – Austin

215 New Signers to Shire Society Declaration

City Bureaucrats Censor Garret Ean

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013. 1 ounce of silver is 20 dollars. 1 Bitcoin is 107 dollars. Peace News Now is brought to by friends of and by you, the listener.

The 2nd Annual Peaceful Streets Project Police Accountability Summit is almost upon us. Come join the Peaceful Streets Project for a day of discussion and activities focusing on resisting police abuse and corruption, and creating an environment where police are held accountable for their actions! Learn about your rights, institutionalized violence, our rich histories of resistance struggle, and why the present day is the best opportunity we’ve ever had to create a society free of institutionalized violence. Empower yourself, and then join forces with other like-minded individuals to empower your communities!

Last year over 250 people attended. This year they are anticipating 500 to 2000 people!

The event features modern activist legends, civil rights scholars, training on knowing your rights in police encounters, workshop on using audio/video technology to hold police accountable, and more.

The 2nd Annual Peaceful Streets Project Police Accountability Summit Saturday, August 17, 2013 10am – 4pm

AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

Address on the Facebook event.

Meals and childcare will be provided!

Confirmed speakers & performers include,

Radley Balko

Carlos Miller

LeWayne Kelly

B. Dolan

Tatiana Moroz

Antonio Buehler

John Bush

Bill Scott

Will Grigg


This event is FREE for all participants. Even if you can’t make it to Austin on August 17th, please consider helping Peaceful Streets defray costs by donating at


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Ian Freeman reports at that at least 215 people declared their personal independence by signing the Shire Society declaration at the 75th annual Cheshire Fair! It was the 2nd year for the Shire Society booth at the fair and we got an upgraded spot this year and were fortunate to be located across from Porcfest favorite, the Juice Caboose!


Amusingly, the Cheshire Democrats were set up a few spaces down with a lame booth featuring the nationalistic American flag (ours had the peace flag).  On their table all they had was some photocopied papers about how great government healthcare is and about their position on gun rights (contrast to our colorful, graphically interesting fliers).  They, like most political booth operators just sat there and waited for people to approach them (we actively pitched to passers-by).  However, they at least deserve credit for trying. The Cheshire Republicans were nowhere to be found.


Like last year, we asked passers-by to sign the re-designed paper version of the Shire Society declaration and hundreds did! Our biggest day was Saturday, with 77 signers. Several Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree DVDs were sold and one person even joined the NH Liberty Party. In addition, hundreds of informational flyers were distributed including: Foundation for NH Independence,, Don’t Take the Plea Deal,, Keenevention, FPP.CC Newspapers, and the excellent Philosophy of Liberty trifold.

Thanks to the dedicated, liberty-oriented volunteers who came out to connect with members of the community and share the ideas of freedom.  It was a great time and most people we talked to were very receptive, even to “radical” ideas like secession.  We’re coming back next year.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop and sign, or even consider signing the Shire Society declaration.

Learn more about FreeKeene at . You can sign the Shire Declaration and add yourself to the Shire Society map at . To see first hand how vibrant and active the liberty community is in Keene, visit November 1st to the 3rd for Keenevention. Tickets & Details at .

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In late June, State Police stole Garret Ean’s camera. They were waiting outside his home, and waited for him to be alone before approaching. Apparently, they had a search warrant signed by the infamous Judge Burke, but it was mysteriously sealed until yesterday. Finally the cause of the investigation is revealed: The city attorney, Thomas Mullins, who happens to be suing Garret for Robin Hooding, alleged that Garret had wiretapped him. Thom’s buddy, Judge Burke signed the order telling the New Hampshire goon squad to steal Garret’s camera, and that’s where we stand today. The entire incident was captured on film, but there is no word yet on when Garret’s camera will be returned to him. Robin Hood goes to court on Monday.

Peace News Now is brought to you by friends of and by listeners like you. Share this episode, catch us on the Next News Network, and send some bitcoin to I’m Derrick J. Peace is the way!