Nobel Peace Prize Winners Protest EU Award

Mon, 10 December 2012


Peace News Now: The Daily Peace


Episode 002

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Protest EU Award

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Destroying Syria to Save it

Sun, 9 December 2012

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On today’s show, I discuss:

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As the World Burns 001 Gangnam Psy Apologizes for Anti-Imperialist Views

Sat, 8 December 2012

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On this episode, I discuss:

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The Daily Peace 001 – Strip-Search & Right-to-Work

The Daily Peace is a new 5-minute podcast featuring 2 peaceful resistance stories every Monday through Friday. This is the first episode of The Daily Peace, the newest podcast produced by Peace News Now. It is hosted by DerrickJ.

Read more about these stories:

Student Strip-Searched @ High School, Parents suing school & police

Right-to-Work passes in Michigan despite protests

Peace News Now Episode 001 with Ali Havens

In this episode, I sit down in-studio to speak with Ali Havens about some news topics. Some things we talk about today are:

  • this new show!
  • BuckyBalls are now history
  • the ban on “homosexual propaganda” in Russia
  • Craigslist sex ads for election night
  • Anonymous Hacks NBC!

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