Gucci Mane in Prison | PNN 110 | Aug 24 2014

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LA Assembly Passes Bill Banning State from Selling Confederate Flag


Free Stater Stopped for No Bike Light, Arrested for Having Gun


Huey P Newton Gun Club Leads Open Carry Rally in South Dallas


Christopher Hitchens Went on a Victimless Crime Spree in 2004!


Feds Ban School’s Beloved Pink Cookie


Gucci Mane Jailed for 3+ years for Gun Ownership


She Accused Her Husband of Downloading Child Porn, Now She Has the Felony


Michael Brown Justice Rally at Courthouse


New Hampshire Rewrites Laws to Exempt Me from Them


Captain Marches in Mike Brown Protest


DEA Seeks to Keep Phat Stuff’s Inventory



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Bitcoin Ends Wars | BTS #22 | Aug 20 2014

Bitcoin Talk Show is the online video show that takes the Bitcoin Talk out of the forums and into your living room. Got a bitcoin question? Comment? New invention? Watch and listen live Wednesday afternoons at
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Bombs Over Gaza & Peace in Middle East Begins Inside | PNN #101

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bombs Over Gaza | Peace in Middle East Begins Inside | PNN #101

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Child Immigrants Have Been Come Alone Since Ellis Island


Father Finds Man Raping His Son and Barely Lets Him Leave Alive


Video of IMF Invading Gaza With Tanks


This is What Happens When You Call The Cops – Hip Hop Song Rob Huslte


Shit Gets Real with Improv Everywhere as Police Arrest Maniquans because of a Snitch


Malaysian Airlines Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine


Invasion of Gaza Strip is Happening


4 Boys Dead on Gaza Shore:


Why Did NBC Yank A Gaza Reporter Who Saw Child Bombing By Izrael?


Eric Voorhees Nails it in Response to NYDFS Bitcoin Proposal

Judge Busted for DWI Pleads for Special Treatment: “You are going to ruin my life.”


Advertisers Giving Homeless Free Housing with Billboard Signs


Crime Drop in Detroit Due to Armed Citizens, Says Police Chief


When Men Could Get Arrested for Being Topless on Public Beaches!bgrmFi


1 Conscientious Objector at Guantanamo Bay is Great, but not enough


15 Tips to Get off the Grid and Stop Being a Debt Slave


Women Against Feminism — Feminists Upset


Cop Shoots Kid, Uses Passive Voice to Conceal Truth


Man Detained for Recording Beating


Underage Drinking Prank on Cops


Wooops! Police Faked their own Calls to 911 to Do Searches


Cops Ignore 9 Year Old Calling


Flower-Crown Beards


FBI Tracking Device Found in Car

PNN Live #74 How to Peacefully Disobey

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Sun, April 6, 2014 – Che Chele Studios – Inside Bitcoin tomorrow and Tuesday April 7th and 8th, plus another bitcoin conference on Wednesday, April 9.


An activist got proactive with a police speed trap. He made a sign that warned drivers of the cops ahead on the road so they could slow down and avoid getting tickets. You’d think this is great, right? Fewer accidents, greater compliance with the law, fewer tickets, great! No. The cops in Frisco, TX arrested the man, even though it wasn’t against the law, and then lobbied the city to pass a new law making holding signs illegal. They got their way of course, but not before a judge dropped the charges against the activist. What do you think about speed trap activism? How does one do it “right”?

PNN Live #14 – Peace in Food & Arts

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Christmas Truce 2012

This day in 1914, during the bloodiest war in human history, the soldiers from all sides stopped fighting and joined each other in singing songs and sharing food, drinks, and cigarettes. The peacetime would come to be known as the Christmas Truce. It lasted for about a week, and was reported on by the papers, starting on Dec 31 by the New York Times. Soon after, British papers followed, and the truce ended. The soldiers, for whatever reason, went back to killing each other for their masters. May today be a reminder to all who fight for the state that they have more in common with their enemies than they have differences. May peace prosper.

Christmas_Truce_1914 christmas_truce_5 0

German soldiers of the 134th Saxon Regiment and British soldiers of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment meet in no man's land, December 26
German soldiers of the 134th Saxon Regiment and British soldiers of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment meet in no man’s land, December 26

Peace News Now Episode 001 with Ali Havens

In this episode, I sit down in-studio to speak with Ali Havens about some news topics. Some things we talk about today are:

  • this new show!
  • BuckyBalls are now history
  • the ban on “homosexual propaganda” in Russia
  • Craigslist sex ads for election night
  • Anonymous Hacks NBC!

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