PNN Live #73 Noncompliance is the Path to Liberty

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Chickens Have been Killed Following Chargeless Cockfighting Suspicion


How to Report Police Misconduct


Escambia Board of Liars


FSP Gets Mention in Anti-Freedom Column


What Can Activists Learn from this Break-in?


Classmate Suspended for Taking Away Razer from Cutter


Cops Fired Fatal Shot in Back

Ron Paul breaks up with Congress, Awkward…

If you follow my blog with any regularity, you know that I produce the comedy news show, ADAM VS THE MAN. Yesterday was one of the most hated and negatively rated videos of my career with AVTM. The reason? I wrote a piece ever so slightly critical of Libertarian golden calf, Ron Paul:

Check out the viewer sentiment shared in the comments section of the video by clicking the thumbnails below: