Bombs Over Gaza & Peace in Middle East Begins Inside | PNN #101

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bombs Over Gaza | Peace in Middle East Begins Inside | PNN #101

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Child Immigrants Have Been Come Alone Since Ellis Island


Father Finds Man Raping His Son and Barely Lets Him Leave Alive


Video of IMF Invading Gaza With Tanks


This is What Happens When You Call The Cops – Hip Hop Song Rob Huslte


Shit Gets Real with Improv Everywhere as Police Arrest Maniquans because of a Snitch


Malaysian Airlines Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine


Invasion of Gaza Strip is Happening


4 Boys Dead on Gaza Shore:


Why Did NBC Yank A Gaza Reporter Who Saw Child Bombing By Izrael?


Eric Voorhees Nails it in Response to NYDFS Bitcoin Proposal

Judge Busted for DWI Pleads for Special Treatment: “You are going to ruin my life.”


Advertisers Giving Homeless Free Housing with Billboard Signs


Crime Drop in Detroit Due to Armed Citizens, Says Police Chief


When Men Could Get Arrested for Being Topless on Public Beaches!bgrmFi


1 Conscientious Objector at Guantanamo Bay is Great, but not enough


15 Tips to Get off the Grid and Stop Being a Debt Slave


Women Against Feminism — Feminists Upset


Cop Shoots Kid, Uses Passive Voice to Conceal Truth


Man Detained for Recording Beating


Underage Drinking Prank on Cops


Wooops! Police Faked their own Calls to 911 to Do Searches


Cops Ignore 9 Year Old Calling


Flower-Crown Beards


FBI Tracking Device Found in Car

Direct Action: Arresting Dick Cheney | PNN #100

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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Medea Tries to Arrest Dick Cheney


Archie Dies Saving Gay Friend


Woman Has Been Arrested for Sending 3D Printer Files of Her Vagina


Lowes Employees Fix Vet’s Wheelchair Because VA Won’t


WIN for Raw Milk in Minnesota


ACLU: Right to Record Boston Buildings


Watching Bombs Dropped on Gaza


6 Californias?


Jewish American Arrested for Supporting Palestine in Israel

Explained Arrest:


Street Performers Arrested, Crowd ALMOST Intervenes


Soldiers Tease Children with Water


Trigger Happy Baltimore PD Video


Mom Jailed for Letting Her Daughter Play in Park Unsupervised


Naked Dancing People


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Police Create Child Porn with Suspected Pedophile | PNN #99

Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Skinny Puppy’s Nivek Ogre on Gitmo Torture Music, Animal Terrorism & Performance Gore


Honest, Gun-Owning Mother Faces 3 Years in Prison


Jackalope Freedom Festival


The Govt Banned Sliced Bread


Police Fine Woman for Facebook Comment

Solar Roadways


“Prince William County prosecutors want to take a photo of his erect penis, possibly forcing the teen to become erect by taking him to a hospital and giving him an injection”

The reason child porn is wrong is because people fear predators will force children into sexual situations against their will and photograph them for profit. Not to stop teens from taking pictures of their own privates and sending them to one another. What the police have done here is *become* the very criminals they claim to protect against.


Social Justice and Words, Words, Words


Ademo Takes Plea Deal


City Attorney Wants Good PR For Pot, Continues to Jail Other Drug Users “but i’m going to continue locking people in rape rooms for using other drugs.” /NoLessonsLearned


After Record Violent Year, Albequerque Police Give Selves Pay Raise


Insane Clown Posse Loses FBI Lawsuit


Dress Code Might Say: “No Black Folks Allowed”

Peaceful Resister Child Carves Out Freedom for Kansas bad news is that Kansas banned all the books in his library except the bible.

VIDEO: Victim of Traffic Accident Tased and Beaten for No Reason


IKEA Tells Uniformed Chief to Disarm or Leave Store  Apologizes:


Pampa, TX Videographer Detained by Cop “Post-9/11”


“New Jersey is doing its best to turn Shaneen Allen into a convicted felon facing a State Prison term of a minimum-mandatory 3-5 years with no chance of parole.

What heinous offense did Shaneen Allen — a hard-working single mother of two, with no prior criminal record — do to deserve such a fate? Last October, she travelled with her Pennsylvania licensed handgun loaded with lawfully purchased, low penetration self defense ammunition, into New Jersey.”


NJ Cops Use Dog on Videographer


Veras papers ripped up


Veteran Detained and Disarmed at Gunpoint


Video: Pro-Peace Man Assaulted by LAPD for No Reason


How to talk to Non-Libertarians


Using Lasers to Spread Propaganda | PNN #98

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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Guests: Bill Dominico & Bill Walker




3D Printed Semi-Auto .22


Cool Cop Responds to Open Carry Demo


Credit Card Knives New Problem for TSA


Davi Barker Calls in About Porcfest Bitcoin Theft:


Mad Bitcoins Talks about Bitcoin Beauties Conference


Kind Man Duped by Marine Uniform


Jeff 4 Justice Ambush Interviews “Representative” Debbie Schultz


15 Year Old Kid Starts Freedom Podcast


Drag Queen Confronts Christian Haters


Union Leader Covers PorcFest


Right to Record:


Cop Executes Unarmed Teen, Frames as Suicide


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NewEgg Accepts Bitcoin | PNN #96

July 1, 2014

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FIRE Will Sue All Colleges Until They Stop Infringing on Free Speech


China 3D Printed Shoulders Now Accepts Bitcoin!


Uncle SAMta Kickstarter Movie


Kuwait Financial Firm Suggests Trading Oil in Bitcoin


Keene Sentinel Paper Can’t Stop Talking About Chalking

Keene Police Break out the BearCat

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Topless Equality For All (Lost Episode) | PNN Live #95

This was the best episode of Peace News Now since LAST Porcfest! Unfortunately, both episodes suffered the same mysterious fate: they went unrecorded!

But wait? The Journalistic Revolution‘s Robert Wasbund was there recording video? Here it is, the only remnants of this “lost” episode. We talked with Nichole LaRoche and a variety of other guests about the topic of Topless Equality. Should women censor what men can show?

Be sure check out JRevRadio every Sunday and Wednesday from 11PM-1AM EST

Neutralizing DUI Checkpoints | PNN Live #94



Activism Plan: 4th Amendment of July


CopBlocker in Cleveland has “CheckPoint Ahead” Sign Stolen by Police

CopBlock Article:

News Article:


Troll Police on Facebook: Fun New Way to Change Hearts & Minds


Pittsburgh Cop Punches Girl Repeatedly


My Encounter With A Bully


Michele 7 @BitcoinBelle shares Bitcoin in the Beltway info

Why Fatherhood Matters | PNN Live #93

PNN Live #93 | June 15, 2014 Why Fatherhood Matters

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Chelsea Manning Says US Lied about original reasons for invading Iraq


FK Calendar:


Why Father’s Day Matters


Esquire Piece:


Father Facts / Statistics


Kid Leaves Cop Speechless


Cops Handcuff Man For “Questioning Authority”


Father of 3 Writes Op-Ed to Local Paper:


Jeff4Justice CopBlocks LAPD Parking in Red Zone to stuff their faces

“No Such Thing As Private Property”


Kid Hit With Baton for Recording


MI Farm Ordered to Close Down


Conservatives Try to Link Las Vegas Cop Shootings to Freedom Feens Guns and Weed the Road to Freedom Film


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Which State Will Secede First? | PNN Live #92

PNN Live #92 | June 10, 2014


Let’s face it. The borders on the map just aren’t accurate. They group in cultures that don’t mix and they cut lines right through cultures that belong together. Rather than redraw the lines on the map, let’s forget the lines. California, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Texas all have legit secession movements. Which will secede first? In this episode, we talk about the “State of Jefferson” forming in what is currently known as Northern California.


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GMOooooooh by Lampoon the System



Peaceful Resistance : DMV Experience


Hearing on Shire Free Church tomorrow


Self-Managed Communities Thrive in Spain Without Government (Video)


Should Northern California Secede and Become the State of Jefferson?


Anarchist Haven Does Battle with Big Govt in Denmark (Copenhagen)

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