PNN Live w/ Davi Barker 7/23

On Tuesday, I was joined by Davi Barker of We asked the question, “If you could disappear the government with the push of a button, would you push it?” For the answer to that question and more, watch the episode below:

PNN Live Hangout w/ Davi Barker

You can watch this episode on youtube at:

Renegade Psychological Experiments

Human Nature May Not Be So Warlike After All

This is What Budget Cuts Have Done to Detroit … And It’s Freaking Awesome

Libertarian Dispute Resolution in the Here and Now

Wake Forest 3D Prints Skin Cells to Burn Wounds

The 3Doodler

Hershberger Ice Cream Social

Polyface Farms Celebration 

Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut Adapted to Stage by Daria Tavana of True-False Theatre

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DerrickJ is a media producer with a penchant for peaceful resistance. After serving 60 days of a 540-day sentence for engaging in a "Victimless Crime Spree," he moved back to Philadelphia where he now produces a live podcast on the peaceful evolution happening around the globe.

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