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Rand Paul Abolish the IRS Petition


Rand Paul Mentions Keene Bearcat Among other Govt Waste for “Terrorism”


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Indicted


Food Not Required


Prosthetic Foot for Duck


This is your Peace News for Saturday, June 29th 2013.


Silver is trading at 20 dollars per ounce. Bitcoin is trading at 94 dollars per bitcoin.


Citizens United is a conservative non-profit based in Washington DC. Yesterday they put out an advertisement for a petition to Abolish the IRS. The youtube video is featured at the website, where the top heading next to a picture of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul reads: “Abolish the IRS. It All Starts Here”.


Just WHAT exactly starts here? The conversation about the nature of taxation. Of course this petition will probably not abolish the irs, but it will be the launching point for discussions about taxes. Can people defend themselves from invasion without income taxes? Can welfare, charities, and public services be funded on a truly voluntary basis? These are questions that people need to be asking if we want a free and prosperous society, but it doesn’t start with telling people that taxes are theft, although that’s true. It starts by suggesting something much less radical. Suggesting that the IRS is unnecessary. Indeed, Rand. It all starts here. Sign the petition if you wish, or just pass around the video to some of your friends and see if you can’t have some productive conversations. remember: if you own your life, then you own the fruits of your labor.

Read & Sign the petition at All that’s required is your name, email address, and zip code.




In a related story, Rand Paul recently mentioned the BEARCAT in Keene, NH as an example of government waste before a senate committee. The blurb was captured by and can be seen in the link in these show notes. Regular listeners of Peace News will remember that the armored attack truck called the BEARCAT was so unpopular in the city of Keene that residents flooded city hall for two consecutive council meetings, so much so that the fire marshall was called in to regulate the number of people in attendance. It’s a mark of achievement for FreeKeene, the Shire Society, and all involved in the Bearcat issue to be mentioned in this way. All of that noise was not for nothing, and the example set by the peaceful people of Keene is having a lasting impact as a quintessential example of unpopular government waste. Learn more at




Are you still using Federal Reserve Notes?

Don’t you know there’s a better way?


Bitcoin is the world’s largest alternative currency.


Dollars fund wars of aggression against peaceful people worldwide.


Unlike dollars, bitcoin is decentralized.


Using the government’s money keeps the government afloat. Let them sink.


Get started using bitcoin today.


Visit to learn more about this empowering new currency.




A federal grand jury has returned a 30-count indictment against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, that alleges he used a weapon of mass destruction.


Tsarnaev is charged with killing four people — three spectators who died in the bombings and an MIT police officer ambushed in his cruiser a few days later — and quote “maiming, burning and wounding scores of others,” according to prosecutor Carmen Ortiz.


Speaking of pressure cookers, how’d you like to ditch cooking forever?


No more groceries, dishes, deciding what to eat, no more endless conversations about the merits of gluten-free, pescetarianism, paleo, or vegan.


What if you could lower your power & water bills all while saving hours in your day and hundreds of dollars per month?


Rob Rhinehart is doing just that with his new invention, Soylent.


Soylent is a mixture of everything the body needs, that we know of anyway: vitamins, minerals, macronutrients like essential amino acids, carbohydrates, and fat.

Rob has been drinking his creation for 6 weeks, only having about 2 conventional meals per week. He says that the concoction gives a “complete” sensation and he hasn’t gotten tired of the taste. Rob calls eating a leisure activity like going to the movies and says he doesn’t want to go to the movies three times a day.


Quote, “I don’t miss the rotary telephone, and I don’t miss food.”


Rob’s creation has amazing implications for the third world, where acquiring enough food to live continues to be a daily struggle for billions of people.



And speaking of using technology to help those less fortunate, Buttercup, a duckling born with a backwards foot, could only walk in great pain — until his owner used a 3D printer to make a duckie-prosthetic!


You can follow Buttercup’s journey and that of the prosthetic’s creators at their facebook page.



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