Parents Of Teen Strip-Searched At School Sue Police, Assistant Principal

CHICAGO (CBS) – The parents of a 15-year old boy who was allegedly strip-searched at a high school last month have filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Public Schools.

In an exclusive interview with CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman, the boy and his outraged parents described what happened.

“He came home crying. So I asked him why he was crying,” said the boy’s father, Anthony Woodman. “And he was like hysterical. He tells me he’s been strip-searched.”

It allegedly happened at Taft High school last month.

His mother, Michelle Woodman said she contacted the CBS2 Investigators “so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. No one should go through what our son went through.”

The student said two security guards, a Chicago police officer and a female assistant principal took him from an room where he was serving an “in school suspension” to a nearby washroom on the second floor.

Asked if the officer or assistant principal said anything, the student said, “They told me they had an anonymous tip. They were looking for drugs.”

He said, while the others watched, one of the security guards put him up against the wall of a bathroom stall so his back was to the guards.

“And then he searched me with my clothes on,” the boy said. “Then he told me to remove my belt. As I undid my belt he pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees.”

After that, “He started grabbing and searching my privates,” the boy said.

He said they did not find any drugs.

Records the Woodmans provided said CPS staff diagnosed their son with an emotional disorder and learning disability. He requires special education services.

Misconduct reports detail behavioral problems leading to numerous suspensions, some contested by his parents.

As for the strip search, his father said “there needs to be consequences for what they did to him.”

Now his parents are suing everyone allegedly involved, and Chicago Public Schools and City of Chicago.

“What we are claiming is that his civil rights were violated when he was strip searched without cause and unreasonably,” said Julie Herrera, the Woodman’s attorney.

“The way it was done was outrageous,” Herrera said. “Having a 15-year-old boy have to have a woman – an older woman – watch him with his pants down, while he is touched by another man. I think is horribly humiliating and embarrassing.”

His mother said it was humiliating for her son, and it has adversely affected him.

“He is very withdrawn. He sleeps with his clothes on. He’s had nightmares,” said Michelle Woodman. “He is very angry. He’s depressed. He is just not the same person.”

The assistant principal who allegedly watched the strip search declined to comment, referring questions to the Chicago Public School’s law department.

A CPS spokeswoman said their policy is that “under no circumstances are strip searches of students allowed on CPS premises.”

The CPS policy manual also prohibits “washroom searches.”

Spokeswomen for both CPS and the Chicago Police Department said they cannot comment on this case until their investigation is complete.

Ron Paul breaks up with Congress, Awkward…

If you follow my blog with any regularity, you know that I produce the comedy news show, ADAM VS THE MAN. Yesterday was one of the most hated and negatively rated videos of my career with AVTM. The reason? I wrote a piece ever so slightly critical of Libertarian golden calf, Ron Paul:

Check out the viewer sentiment shared in the comments section of the video by clicking the thumbnails below:

Man tased for putting out fire in own home

Florida Police are congratulating themselves after breaking up an unusual fight this week. Investigators are still mulling over the details that led to the tasing of one man after he refused to stop fighting…a deadly fire ravaging everything in his home. As the fire destroyed his worldly possessions, homeowner Derek Jensen lay face down on the ground in a puddle of water before his two children, incapacitated, a police taser jutting out from his back. His crime? He wasn’t charged with one! Quoted as being “suspiciously neighborly,” Jensen used a hose to put out the fire that was ravaging his home and spreading to his neighbor’s house. When police arrived on the scene, they told Derek that he was not allowed to fight the fire. He must wait for the government firefighters to do that. Yeah, Derek. And it’s a good thing we collectivize fire service, or else fires could spread to neighbors homes. When he persisted, the police shot Derek with a taser. Since there was no video of the encounter, here is a reenactment:

Man: “Where’s the fire department?”

Police: “They’ll get here right after their break.”

Man: “I have to keep back this fire while we wait!”

Police: “No, sir, you can’t. Don’t you know you pay the government to do these things for you?”

Man: “Yes, but they’re not here.”

Police: “Well, we’re here.”

Man: “But you’re getting in my way!”

Police: “Stop Resisting!” **Taser** (pew pew) “‘Merica.”

You might think the actions of the officer are despicable, unjustifiable, outrageous. But you’re wrong! The officer isn’t culpable for his actions. His superior ORDERED him to taser the man. Don’t blame the messenger. After all, who could have expected this “glitch in the matrix”? The police are the glue of society. They’re what hold the fragile, delicate balance of the world together with their …violence …I mean defensive weapons pain sticks. This could never happen in your town.

Peace News Now Episode 001 with Ali Havens

In this episode, I sit down in-studio to speak with Ali Havens about some news topics. Some things we talk about today are:

  • this new show!
  • BuckyBalls are now history
  • the ban on “homosexual propaganda” in Russia
  • Craigslist sex ads for election night
  • Anonymous Hacks NBC!

Right-click here to download today’s episode!