Tony Stiles Targeted by DHS | PNN Live #86

PNN Live #86 | Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Forbes Thought Of The Day

“ Good has two meanings: it means that which is good absolutely and that which is good for somebody. ” — Aristotle

Milwaukee Officer Kills Sober Woman, Blames Her, Then Milks Medical Pay


Tony Stiles Arrest Troubles


Cops Steal Phone from Man Recording Police Beating


Johnson Rice:

Here’s the problem Gun people… Guns in stores is unpopular. If people wanted to be around people with guns more… Stores would tell anti-guns rights activists to pound sand. The first step is making gun ownership and being around legal gun owners POPULAR.

The terrorists are winning…. and by terrorists, I mean liberal soccer moms that are making people terrified of guns and gun owners. The first step is to make people WANT gun owners around.


Chipotle: Don’t Bring Guns to Our Stores


Michigan Cops Get Stopped by Submitizen for Not Wearing Seat Belt


How Many Cops Does it Take to Illegal Disarm A Submitizen?


Pregnant Woman to be Hanged for being a Christian


Another Fatal Drug Raid in Texas


Colorado Defies FDA to Save Lives

Successful DUI Checkpoint Avoidance (calm, polite)


No Official Organization Tracks Police Abuse

Ticketed for Walking Next to Friends


3D Printed Faces from DNA!


Protest Tomorrow: Court Ruling to Circumcise 3 Year Old


Nevada Man Speaks Truth to Power Cops and Walks Away


NH 3rd Best State for State for Hippies


Woman Divorces Cop for Killing Old Woman


Media Blackout in Venezuela


Cops Remove Man’s Testicle


Cop Freaks Out When Asked if Being Detained


Lawsuit: Cops Hit & Verbally Abuse Handcuffed Woman


Replacing Govt: Retiree Digitizes Newspapers


Life for Brownies


American Spring Fails to Restrain Government


VIDEO: Cop Forcibly Opens Mother’s Mouth over Tylenol


More 3D Printed Guns…coming out of a land where guns are banned