Freeing Children from Miseducation | PNN Live #91


PNN Live #91 | Sunday, June 8, 2014

In studio guest: Brett Veinotte – School Sucks Podcast

Brett Veinotte is a successful podcaster with a Herculean task: Ending Public Education. Why would a person want such a thing? Tune in to find out more about how you can save your children from a lifetime of violence and confusion by taking them out of public school today.


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Hour 1: Who is Brett Veinotte? What is the School Sucks Podcast? Is education the safest form of peaceful resistance? Most effective? How do you (Brett) view what it is you’re doing (Big picture)? Forum, Facebook Community, Live Webcast, Podcast Brett’s Personal Site



Hour 2: News from the Front Lines of the Peaceful Resistance:


25 Years of Tiananmen Massacre


AT&T Hacker Sends Govt Invoice for Time Spent in Prison


Court Stenographer Types “I Hate My Job” for 30 Cases


Ebay Will Integrate Bitcoin into PayPal Payments



Keene Mayhem:


Rich Paul is back in jail for “Violation of Probation”

Rich Paul’s Arraignment:


Chalk Cold War Turns Hot, Local Man Injured for Chalking



Monadnock Community Coalition (Stop Free Keene!!!)  

Garret Ean’s “Stop Free Keene” Show

Local TV Shows Opened Up (Cheshire TV)

City Council Meeting about banning Chalk on Wednesday (community comment allowed)


Court Dates:


June 17 10am: Travis Hobbs Trial for Assaulting Robin Hood


June 18 9am: Rich Paul Oral Argument for Appeal of Original Charge