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Robin Hood Case Continued till July


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Darryl Wins in Parking Court



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Get My FBI/NSA File



DNA Swabs in Alabama


This is your Peace News for Thursday, June 13th 2013.

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Robin Hood of Keene appeared in court Tuesday afternoon to answer to accusations that they have been harassing city parking meter officers.
Ian Freeman, one of the people named in the lawsuit, said that the city never approached any of the six with concerns before filing the suit and has refused to meet and negotiate.
Ian argued in court that the order is a waste of time and money, a violation of Constitutional rights, and a case brought forth in bad faith.
City Attorney Thomas P. Mullins admitted to the judge there are not a lot of court decisions to draw on for this case — adding, quote, “there’s not a whole lot of law in general in New Hampshire.”
Ian interrupted, saying quote, “Just the way we like it.” His comment drew a smile from the judge and laughter from supporters seated in the courtroom.
Cheshire County Superior Court Judge John Kissinger decided to continue the case, giving both sides 20 days to submit more arguments.

Peace News Now will continue to bring you the latest on Robin Hood’s Adventures in Legal Land.
Speaking of Legal Land battles, Peace Activist Darryl W. Perry of the Shire recently won a small victory in Keene traffic court.

As he explains in a post at FreeKeene.com,

Darryl argued that the parking meters aren’t calibrated regularly, and that sometimes they keep poor time. In this case, he had been shorted time by the meter even though he should have had time left. The State had no evidence to the counter.

Judge Burke then said, quote, “Since the burden of proof is on the City to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, I am marking a finding of not guilty.”


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Do you want to know what’s in your FBI file? The website GetMyFBIFile.com makes it easy to fill out the proper government forms to get all the dirt on yourself…for free! Check it out, and while you’re at it, visit their sister company where you can learn what kind of trouble with the law grandpa ran into, at GetGrampasFBIFile.com. You may get back pages of redacted documents, but hey, by law they’re supposed to give you everything, and it’s free. So why not give it a try and see what comes back? If you do, please write to Peace News Now to report your findings.
Thanks to the Supreme Court, something new you will find in your FBI file is your DNA. Mike Adams reports over at NaturalNews.com that in Alabama, police have set up roadblocks stopping cars to, quote, “voluntarily” take DNA from drivers. When men in black uniforms with guns on their hips “ask” you to do something, it doesn’t fit the common definition of “voluntary.” Travelers were compensated for volunteering their bodily fluids to the government. Those who allowed police to swab the insides of their mouths were rewarded with $10. Those who volunteered up their veins were rewarded $50.

Critics argue that not only is this a creepy violation of people’s rights, it’s also a poor data-collection method. Since participants in the survey are self-selected, the sample will be biased. For example, people who have alcohol in their blood are unlikely to give a sample to the police.
Educate your friends and families to let them know that this is happening, and that it’s okay to say no.
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