Philly Liberty Activist Kidnapped, Facing 10 Charges & $35k Bail, All Victimless Crimes

**UPDATE** 2013-02-13 9:37PM

Fernando has been released on bail and awaits trial for his charges. Here is a link to an ABC News report on Fernando’s victimization at the hands of the Camden County police: LINK

It’s a good thing the police violated Fernando’s rights when he refused the search. A parking infraction *is not* a probable cause to search a vehicle, but thank goodness they did or he might have blown up the police station with his signal flares and pepper spray. Lame. Now faces a decade in prison? Sounds like nj IS the prison.

Fernando Antonio Salguero is still in custody of the Somerdale Police Department, facing 10 charges and a bail of $35,000

The accused charges are:

(2C39-3A) 3 counts of possession of destructive devices

(2C39-3E) 1 count of possession of certain weapons

(2C39-5D) 3 counts of possession of a weapon

(2C39-9D) 3 counts of transportation of weapons

Time of arrest was around 1:30am. Bail is set at $35,000.

Information above according to Jason Laughlin (Cell: 609-820-7630) of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

Somerdale Police: (856) 428-6324

Camden County Prosecutor’s Office (856) 225-8400

Fernando’s trial date is not known at this time. Check for future updates.

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