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PNN #220

NH State Rep raises 1600 in bitcoin

NH Poker for Objectivism

Jury Null Fundraiser

3D Printed Semi-Automatic

Pussy Riot Hunger Strike

Chicago Police Pay $1M to man whose life they ruined

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When New Hampshire State Rep. and friend of Peace News Now, Mark Warden last ran for reelection, his campaign staff urged him to try something that no other political candidates in the US had dared to do: accept contributions in bitcoins. He raised about 160 bitcoins, which at the time was equivalent to about $1,600 dollars. Today that’s over $20,000. He received donations from as far as Europe and South America, and since his successful campaign, several other freedom-loving candidates have followed Mark Warden’s lead.

The Atlas Society hosted its first annual New Hampshire Charity Reverse Raffle Poker Tournament which featured live entertainment, the opportunity to mingle with celebrities in the NH liberty movement and entrepreneurs from the ‘Live Free or Die’ state, and the chance to win big at poker. Proceeds benefited The Atlas Society, which promotes the philosophy of open Objectivism, advocating reason, individualism, achievement, and free markets.

Prizes included tickets to the Liberty Forum, Porcupine Freedom Festival, dinner with the CEO of The Atlas Society (including a ride in his Tesla), and a VIP pass to the filming of the movie Atlas Shrugged Part III. Learn more at

James Babb of Philadelphia organized a gofundme campaign to pay for 1 month of a large advertisement in the DC Metro advertising Jury Nullification. The suggested text reads, quote:

Jury Duty? Know your rights! You may, and should, vote your conscience. You cannot be forced to obey a “juror’s oath.” You have the right to “hang” the jury with your vote if you cannot agree with other jurors! Google Jury Nullification. Good jurors nullify bad laws.

There are only 7 days left to raise the $1,200 to fund this project. Donate through a link in the show notes.

According to a post on the forums at, plans for a 3D printed semi-automatic pistol are in the works.

The design is a .22 that uses a 3D printed magazine based on the Ruger 10/22 design.

It uses the AR-15 fire control group and firing pin to increase reliability and durability.

The author of the plans also noted that it would be easier to build a fully automatic than a semi-auto.

Your next firearm could be composed of readily replaceable 3D printed parts, if not the entire firearm itself. Learn more at

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Jailed Pussy Riot member, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, who is on hunger-strike to protest against inmates’ “slave life conditions”, has been transferred to the prison’s medical unit.

The 23-year-old began her hunger-strike on Monday in protest against alleged violations of prisoners’ rights in the Mordovian colony.

In an open letter published in the media last week, she claimed that inmates were treated “like slaves”, being made to work excessive hours sewing police uniforms and getting no more than “four hours of sleep” a day.

Seven years ago John Collins was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer, a felony in Illinois. He was sent to a Cook County jail and bond was set at $75,000, which he couldn’t pay. The jail was overcrowded, so John slept on the floor. He remained there for 385 days, during which time he missed the birth of his first child, a baby boy. His fiancé brought his infant son to visit but he was not allowed to hold him, separated by a pane of glass. Sometimes, those visits were canceled “ when the jail was put on lock-down for stabbings and murders.” Eventually, his fiancé left him, saying his time in the jail had changed him — he wasn’t the same person anymore. Today Collins is a free man, acquitted of all charges, and the Chicago Police owe him $1 million. His seven-year odyssey may have finally ended this week, when a jury unanimously found the two officers involved guilty of malicious prosecution for fabricating the case against him. There were three independent witnesses to the altercation. And what they saw diverged greatly from the police officers’ account.

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