Cops Anally Rape Man During Traffic Stop


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Food Attorney Mysteriously Detained


Traffic Stop Ends in Anal Probing


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Quote, “ Civilization is the progress of a society towards privacy. The savage’s whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men. ” – Ayn Rand

What would *you* do if you were seated on a plane, ready to take off, and suddenly two airline employees tell you to get up and leave?

Around 8am this morning, Attorney Ajna Sharma-Wilson was detained without explanation on a Frontier Airlines flight in LA.  She is a lawyer who plays a critical role in defending the rights of people to consume and procure the foods of their choice. Fortunately, Ajna recorded the interaction. In the audio, which was recorded by her smartphone, Ajna can be heard asking all the right questions.

She asks the names of all involved, though they are reluctant to answer, and says, quote, “Please repeat what you said to me.” She also asks a nearby passenger to write down his phone number so that she may call him as a witness.

Ajna was eventually escorted from the plane under duress. Instead of offering an explanation to their customer, the airline employees threatened to call the authorities. She missed her flight because of the ordeal, and is now stuck at the airport. No explanation has yet been given. Stay tuned to Peace News Now for updates as they develop.

In the meantime, listen to the shocking audio that Ajna captured. And take a note from her! If something is happening around you that isn’t right, it is *your* responsibility to be prepared and to act quickly to get an objective record like Ajna did. She also sent out a blast email to friends and supporters to spread the word of this far and wide. This shouldn’t happen to anyone, but it can serve as an excellent model for others to follow if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Being asked to leave a plane and missing your flight is pretty disruptive, but it’s nothing compared to what some are facing at the hands of the Deming Police Department in New Mexico. One man is filing a Federal Lawsuit against the department after reports surfaced earlier this week that the police there forced doctors to anally rape him. This is not satire. Police pulled the man over after he allegedly rolled through a stop sign. They said that he was clenching his butt cheeks, and they were determined to find out if there were drugs in there. Police took the man from his car and brought him to the hospital, where they demanded doctors in the emergency room search his anus. They refused, saying it was unethical. So police brought the man to another hospital, where the doctors complied. Without his consent, they put their fingers in his anus 3 times and found nothing. They forced him to endure involuntary enemas and defecate into a pan in front of police and doctors twice, but they found no drugs in his stool. They took an x-ray of his abdomen, and still found no drugs. Finally, they sedated the man and explored the inside of his anus, colon, and large intestine with a small, insertable video camera during a full colonoscopy. They didn’t find any drugs. Now the hospital is charging the man for the procedures, and they’re threatening to send a collections agency after him if he doesn’t pay.

Now after that report surfaced, another man came forward with the same claim. He was detained and forced to be anally raped by a different police department for allegedly turning without using a blinker. This story would be too bizarre to believe–if there weren’t medical records to back all of it up. New Mexico Attorney Shannon Kennedy is filing a federal lawsuit on their behalf. The police involved will be investigated by their own departments. The doctors who inserted their fingers and surgical equipment into the anus of a man who did not consent could also lose their ability to practice medicine, but that’s up to bureaucrats.

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