Living Free Now – NA Poe and John Bush

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PNN Live #20 – September 1, 2013

NA Poe – is one of the main organizers of Philadelphia’s Smoke Down Prohibition. In this episode, Poe shares his thoughts on what went right and what went wrong with Smoke Down VIII this weekend.

John Bush – is involved with too many pro-freedom organizations to name. An advocate for liberty and personal sovereignty, John leads by example with his reality show Sovereign Living TV and also the Center For Natural Living 

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Fernando Salguero on Healing, LSD, DMT

Fernando Antonio Salguero talks LSD, DMT, and healing our world. Ali Havens joined the discussion in the second hour, and Ian Freeman finished it out with an update on the Concord Bearcat and Robin Hood of Keene.

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Robin Hood & Lemonade: Enemies of the State

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PNN Live #16 w/ Robin Hooders & Lemonade Freedom Crew

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PNN Live #15: Mad Bitcoins and Jesse Forgione

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On this episode of Peace News Now Live, Derrick J was joined by artist/journalist MadBitcoins. In the second hour, Jesse Forgione joined in the conversation to explain praxeology and how modern myths affect and reflect a culture!

MadBitcoins can be found online at and on Youtube (madbitcoins)

MadBitcoins is a daily web show about Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies aiming to be funny, but informative.

MadBitcoins is looking for subscribers, donors, sponors, links, anyone who would like to make MadBitcoins bigger and better. 

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PNN Live #14 – Peace in Food & Arts

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David Gumpert is an author and blogger. He is a former reporter with the Wall St Journal as well as an editor at Inc. and Harvard Business Review. Buy his newest book, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights,” on Kindle or in print at or at your local bookstore.

The Complete Patient Blog:

James Robin Hood,

Tatiana Moroz,

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The Length and Breadth of Peace

On Peace News Now Live #13, Derrick J spoke with:

Mark Warden,

Chase Rachels,

Darryl W Perry,

Chris Cantwell, 

And others!

This was the first episode to employ the use of a mixer! The mixer, which I am calling “The Bitcion Board,” was paid for entirely with bitcoin and shipped using a private courier so that the state saw no FRNs from PNN in this transaction. #StarveTheBeast

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PNN Live #12 – Whistleblowers, Jury Nullification, BEARCATS

Tonight I was joined by activists Garret Ean of, Chris Cantwell of YouTube fame, Neal Connor of, Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion of the Jury Nullification Tour, and Beau Davis of We talked about Robin Hood of Keene, Bradley Manning’s recent guilty verdict, the latest BEARCAT controversy in NH, and more! Click here to read our show notes.

PNN Live w Michele Seven 7/28

On Sunday, Michele Seven joined me as a guest host for the full episode. We talked about the latest from Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings, and living free today despite the obstacles. Visit Michele Seven’s website at

PNN Live w M7 Show Notes July 28, 2013

Visit Michele Seven’s website at

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Bradley Manning Rallies Held in 40 Cities


Prosecution’s Final Statement:


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